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The “largest-ever” research, design, development, demonstration, test, and evaluation collaboration between the US and Indian militaries has been signed, 

According to the Pentagon, the Air Forces of the US and India have signed a new agreement to cooperate on the development of Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ALUAV),

The militaries will develop and demonstrate technologies including physical hardware such as small UAVs, avionics, payload power, propulsion, and launch systems through prototyping that meet the operational requirements of the Indian and U.S. Air Forces, as reported by

The over $22 million deal falls under the aegis of the US-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative, or DDTI from 2012. 

The collaboration could in the future lead to the joint manufacture of artificial intelligence-enabled drone swarms capable of being launched from aircraft to overwhelm an adversary’s air defense systems, according to Basically, the ALUAV will be carried like a bomb on an aircraft. It will be launched from the air, instead of the ground-launched conventional UAV.