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10680814_s featureThe National Security Agency is considering exposing the pornography viewing habits of Muslim “radicalizers,” according to documents that the Huffington Post has obtained from former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

According to Fierce Homeland security in a document, the NSA says that some “vulnerabilities, if exposed, would likely call into question a radicalizer’s devotion to the jihadist cause, leading to the degradation or loss of his authority.” Aside from viewing Internet pornography, the activities the NSA considered revealing included communications with young girls, the use of donations for personal expenses, “exorbitant” speaking fees, and contradictory statements.

The documents, dated Oct. 3, 2012, include six examples of influential individuals that the NSA considered radicalizers, all of whose names the website withheld. One of them had privately disagreed with al Qaeda on issues such as targeting civilians. Another had a “glamorous lifestyle,” a document says. Several had apparently misused or misdirected funds.

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Three of the six target an English-speaking audience, while the others target Arabic speakers. Those who focused on English speakers had relatively few contacts associated with terrorism, “suggesting that the target audience includes individuals who do not yet hold extremist views but who are susceptible to the extremist message,” another document says.

The Huffington Post quoted former NSA and Homeland Security Department official Stewart Baker defending the NSA and dismissing concerns that the agency might use its intelligence to damage the reputations of Americans. “On that ground you could question almost any tactic we use in a war, and at some point you have to say we’re counting on our officials to know the difference,” Baker said.