Iron Dome anti-aircraft capabilities

Iron Dome anti-aircraft capabilities

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éøé èéì ëéôú áøæì ãñ÷The Iron Dome intercept system has a new job, according to Rafael’s sources. These sources told i-HLS that the Iron Dome, deployed to protect the population of Israel from short range rockets, is also efficient against aircraft up to an altitude of 10 km.

The sources at Rafael said that the systems will be used as an extra  layer of defense against aerial threats.

Currently the Israeli air force uses “Hawk” and “Patriot” missiles to defend against enemy aircraft.

The “Iron Dome” has succeeded in intercepting more than 90 % of the BM-21 (Grad) and Kassam rockets launched from Gaza into Israel.

Iron Dome is a mobile defense system aimed at intercepting short range rockets and artillery shells. The system was specially designed to avoid collateral damage by detonating the target warhead outside the defended area preventing target debris from falling in that area. The system`s main components include tracking radar, a battle management and weapons control unit, an interceptor with a special warhead that detonates threats from ranges up to 70 km, and a missile firing unit.

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According to foreign sources Singapore has purchased the Iron Dome system and after it successful intercepts assessments show that other countries will show interest in obtaining such systems for themselves.