Israel will Reportedly Present its New Laser Development to US President Biden 

photo illus. laser by Pixabay

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Israel Ministry of Defense will present its new laser rocket defense system to US President Joe Biden during his visit to Israel, scheduled for July 13, as reported by citing IMoD and IDF sources.

The development will be presented to the US President at the Palmachim airbase, alongside the Iron Dome and Arrow battery. Sources evaluate that the first system will be operative within a few years along one of Israel’s borders to counter rockets, missiles, and unmanned aerial systems (UAVs).

A senior US administration official also said Biden would visit the location where Israel uses missile defense systems such as Iron Dome and discuss the development of laser systems to counter missiles and UAVs.

Israel’s defense establishment wants to ask President Biden to move from military collaboration to a joint defense partnership and to expand defense forums by adding Arab Sunnite states into the equation.