The new Russian anti – riot weapon

The new Russian anti – riot weapon

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7631566_s (1)Russian riot police units are well equipped with water cannon, tear gas grenades and electric stunning devices. But international experience shows that so-called “non-lethal weapons” can be deadly after all.

Tear gas can cause some choke to death, while stun guns can easily cause cardiac arrest. Water cannon cannot be used in Russia in winter as wet protesters might suffer from hypothermia.

As a result, Russian police are reluctant to use “non-lethal” ammunition.

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According to RT, in 2009, the country’s Ministry of Interior conducted an open competitive tender for a pneumatic non-lethal crowd control system.

The winning company produced a gun that uses 300-atmosphere pressurized air to throw plastic birdies that can stop even a physically vigorous rioter right on the spot.

Gone are the times when police had to hide behind riot shields as enraged street fighters showered them with rocks and pieces of tarmac. Because a pneumatic shuttlecock machine-gun easily tames anybody’s ardor.

The pneumatic machine gun uses a 22-millimeter-diameter, 4.8-gram shuttlecock as its primary weapon. It weights the same as a bullet but doesn’t fly as fast, and has a much wider hitting surface. The projectile can be loaded with paint to mark malicious troublemakers or simply make it extra heavy, by up to 30 grams more, for additional stopping power.

A standard shot with a basic plastic birdie could be compared to a “flick of father’s belt”, the gun’s creators say, while an extra heavy hit strikes like a horse’s kick.

The “Birdiethrower” can make one sniper shot per second at 50-meter accuracy range. The computer system that operates the gun calculates its power in accordance with the distance to the target: if the person gets closer – the computer downgrades the gun’s power so as not to cripple him or her.

Operating the gun may seem like a videogame, but the operator will bear the responsibility for every shot made: the system makes a video recording of everything the shooter does.

The pneumatic machine-gun is assembled on a standard Tiger armored vehicle and is operated by one man plus the driver of the vehicle.