REXIt was designed for combat, but with variations in size and other characteristics it may become one of the anti terror fighter best friends.

While the Israeli defense forces (IDF) is moving ahead with the testing of the Israel aerospace industries (IAI) field porter REX, anti-terror units are also “looking at it” with great interest.

The REX is a small robotic platform that autonomously accompanies units of 3-10 soldiers, and is capable of carrying 200 kg of equipment and supplies.

The IAI REX provides an effective solution to enhance infantry’s combat performance by increasing the capability of the soldiers to carry what they need for their missions.

The robot is programmed to move in the pace of the soldiers. It can speed up, slow down and stop when they do. The robot can be remote-controlled or walked on a leash – just like a dog.

REX is meant to carry logistic loads, munitions and weapons and is also designed to overcome various types of obstacles and this in relative silence.

REX is only one in a series of robots currently in development by IAI and it seems that it caught the attention of anti terror units that have to be prepared to operate under different conditions.