INNOFENSE Call for startups – Dual-Use Technologies

IoT. image by pixabay

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iHLS and the Ministry of Defense invite you to join the fifth cycle of INNOFENSE and receive a remarkable opportunity to showcase your technology solutions and demonstrate your ability to face the complex and urgent challenges the state of Israel goes up against every day.

If your startup applies to one of the following subjects, consider submitting your applications for INNOFENSE’s fifth cycle by July 18th:


  • Sensing explosives within large areas.
  • Phased array antenna designed for small aerial devices.

Image Processing and Algorithmics:

  • Fragment detection for injuries based on information from ultrasound or other medical devices.
  • Visual functionality checks for air platforms on the ground.
  • Improving video quality in difficult visual conditions.
  • Automated video interview analysis.
  • Image acquisition and data extraction from cameras – Event Cameras Based.

Cloud Services and Security:

  • Secure use of LLM models in a public cloud environment.
  • A system for collaborative development management of machine learning development processes.

Social Media Analysis:

  • Analysis of narratives, sentiments, emotions, and trends in various media types (text, images, video).
  • Active solutions to protect against foreign influencing activity on social networks.


  • Identification and connection between crypto and fiat money transfers, and de-anonymization of cryptographic wallets (link to a specific identity).

Spectrum and RF intelligence:

  • Cheap, simple, and mobile solutions for monitoring the state of the spectrum in a close environment for a stand-alone platform.
  • Using open sources to formulate a spectral picture – citizen protocols (3D map of obstructions and interruptions) with an emphasis on WiFi & Bluetooth.
  • Locating obstructions on Earth and in space – sensing interference, displaying a heat map of the location of the disturbance, and detecting the disturbance.


  • Fast mobile quality inspection for fuel and diesel in the field.
  • Monitoring helium gas leaks.
  • Technological solution for keeping pigeons from Hangars.
  • A fast, quiet, single-use connection of tactical equipment to a concrete wall.

Marine and Navigation Solutions:

  • Independent navigation for light roaming devices above the sea.
  • Measurement of cloud data from vessels in motion.
  • A non-violent way to halt a vessel.


  • A quiet energy generator with an energy density of more than 200 Wh/kg that is based on sources that are available in the field.

Search and Rescue:

  • A lightweight, multi-use means of heating wounded people.
  • Locating non-visible trapped people within vast destruction sites.

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