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The Swiss startup Ascento has recently unveiled its new autonomous outdoor security robot called “the Ascento Guard”, which has two wheeled “legs” and a near anthropomorphic “face”.

The Ascento Guard has a central frame with circular “eyes” that blink and eyebrow-like rectangular, orange hazard lights. The robot’s eyes close when it charges to mimic sleep and open when turned on to operate. Its wheel-legs supposedly allow for precise movements across various terrains.

According to Interesting Engineering, the Ascento Guard was designed for patrolling large, private outdoor properties, and can withstand all weather conditions. The company claims that there are already interested clients in industries like manufacturing, data centers, pharmaceutical production centers, and warehouses. The robot has an accompanying app through which it sends an alert if it detects a security threat.

The robot’s setup takes just a few hours, after which it is almost autonomous thanks to programmable patrol schedules. Its speed is approximately 4.5 kph, and it can monitor for fires or break-ins using thermal and infrared cameras. It also has onboard speakers and microphones that enable end-to-end encrypted two-way communications.

Alessandro Morra, co-founder and CEO of Ascento explains the need for the Ascento Guard, stating that there is a lack of staff in the global security industry. He adds that the work involves long shifts, during difficult hours, or in bad weather, and there is a lack of qualified personnel available to do it. He concludes that the Ascento Guard provides the best of both worlds.

Reportedly, Ascento is currently focusing on companies with large assets that require daily patrols (such as manufacturing, logistics, pharma, and luxury real estate), and Ascento Guard’s design is only just the beginning.