New Hypersonic Missile Launcher Promised for Testing

Image provided by pixabay

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As part of a new contract with the US Navy, Lockheed Martin will be preparing its ship-based hypersonic missile launcher for testing.

The collaboration between the US Army and the company Lockheed Martin has generated another new platform in the shape of a hypersonic missile launcher. According to reports, the missile launcher is already ready for testing and will be under continued testing throughout 2023.

According to Steve Layne, vice president of Hypersonic Strike Weapon Systems at Lockheed Martin, last week’s $1.2 billion contract award will use the progress so far to create a sea-based hypersonic capability.

Lockheed Martin will develop a new launcher for the Zumwalt-class destroyer, the weapon control system will be adjusted for the maritime environment, and a subsequent round of flight tests will evaluate the changes that turn the basic hypersonic weapon system into the Navy’s Conventional Prompt Strike capability.

Layne said Lockheed Martin, the Navy and the rest of the industry team are more than a year into developing the ship-based launcher.

“We’re mid-way through that development phase right now,” he said during a recent interview, according to “We’ve done a lot of sub-scale and full-scale testing and proofing on that capability, and more to follow as we move through 2023.”

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