Innovative New Platform For Military Simulation

Military simulation. image provided by pixabay

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As the military continues utilizing simulation technology as a way to train its recruits, legacy technologies might be holding back huge opportunities for collaboration and advanced training.

Since military operatives and technology developers mostly work within the framework of the military, most engines that are built to be used as simulation training are unique to each country, army, and even sometimes specific units. This causes disarray across the different platforms and often leaves these simulations outdated since managing and updating these engines requires manpower and intensive labor.

But what if instead of multiple engines there was one engine that could carry out battle simulations and even employ statistics and make conclusions? One utilized engine Instead of building a unique engine which will require a lot of support of a daily basis, a lot of algorithms built from scratch.  Why use a gaming engine for military battle simulation?

Gaming engines easier to use with a comfortable interface, as opposed to many self-made military simulations which are often out of date and focus more on completing the mission rather than user interface.

Gaming engines are backed up by communities of millions which makes the engine accessible and easier to learn, even for military personnel without a background in technology.  Furthermore, new programmers with the relevant skills and expertise can be easily recruited.

Since the gaming industry is at the forefront of technological advancement, battle simulation programs based on popular gaming engines will be able to evolve with the time and provide more innovative services as time goes on.

The Israeli Company DuckbearLab Simulation, a name derived from the same military development team in which the founders met, has found a way to utilize the UNITY engine to its fullest potential. Allowing for simulation of thousands of entities, a wide variety of models, animations, terrain, missions, and scenarios for soldiers to practice their battle readiness in. Every single shot is accounted for, every single loss can be calculated and conclusions can be made for future training and missions.

Currently, DuckbearLab offer two solutions. The first is UniSim, an all in one solution for simulation development. The second is UniCGF, which simulates Computer Generated Forces in Unity. Their innovative developments have already been recognized by the highest security echelon in Israel.

The startup is a graduate of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center operated by iHLS in collaboration with IMoD. a unique acceleration program that removes entrance barriers to the technological ecosystem turning startups into mature, leading companies while connecting them with relevant investors, which is designed to strengthen the links between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

For further information and inquiry, feel free to contact DuckbearLab at [email protected] or simply go on their website


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