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China released rare footage of what appears to be a DF-17 missile launch. This is the first video the Chinese government have released to the general public showcasing this powerful missile. Chinese experts have said that the video showed the adaptability of the nearly impossible-to-intercept “aircraft carrier killer” weapon.

DF-17 is a medium-range missile system equipped with a hypersonic glide vehicle. reports that the new-type missile’s ability to launch from a highway in the desert proved that it is not dependent on a predetermined launch location. The missile is incredibly versatile because it may be launched autonomously at any time or location. Additionally, it means that foes will find it difficult to target this road-mobile missile before launch, according to analysts. Since the DF-17’s warhead is a hypersonic glider that travels faster than Mach 5 with an unexpected trajectory after launch, they claimed that it is virtually impossible to intercept for modern missile defense systems.

The missile separates after ascending to nearly exo-atmospheric levels and employs a hypersonic glide vehicle to locate its target. The HGV is an effective tool for breaching complex enemy defenses in situations where more conventional systems would probably fail because of its extreme speed, lower trajectory, and mid-flight maneuverability. The DF-17 renders the US network of missile defenses in East Asia obsolete, according to a previous report in the Global Times that read: “US air defense systems including THAAD, SM-3 and Patriot missiles deployed in South Korea, Japan, the island of Taiwan and on US warships will not work against the DF-17.”