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Since January, the UK has supplied over 4,200 NLAW anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. A single person can operate this system of short-range anti-tank missiles (20-800 m). The Swedish company SAAB generated the idea and manufactured it in cooperation with the British military. Development began in 1999, and manufacturing continued until 2008. These missiles were designed specifically to target combat tanks and other armored vehicles, and are applicable to all environments.

With an effective range of 20-600 meters and up to 400 meters for moving applications, the NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon) is also known as MBT LAW or RB-57. In less than two seconds, it can be launched at 45° and directed up or down. A single person can operate the anti-tank system and it can be used against tanks from a building, behind a tree, in a ditch, from a room, and in almost any situation. 

In various reports, senior members of the Ukrainian army recently stated they were able to destroy 30 to 40 percent of Russian armored vehicles since the beginning of the Russian invasion with the use of NLAW. In response to the Russian invasion, the British Prime Minister announced on March 28 that an additional 6,000 anti-tank missiles were being delivered to Ukraine.

Senior Ukrainian military officials say anti-tank missiles enable Ukrainian forces to continue resisting the Russian invasion, and are destroying hundreds of armored vehicles, according to