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Russian weapons systems are on display in the war that the country started against Ukraine. Russian Defense Ministry officials confirmed earlier last week that during the fighting, Russia used armed Israeli Searcher Drones (UAVs) against Ukrainian targets.

As Hogla, a tactical UAV for patrol and intelligence gathering (made by IAI “Cement”), the Searcher entered service with the Israeli Air Force in 1992. New models with enhanced features have been developed over time, including the Searcher 2 and Searcher 3. The reconnaissance UAV is powered by a 35 kW (47 hp) piston engine, which drives a tree-bladed propeller assembly. Among the nations using the Searcher series are Israel,

India, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. reports that a video posted on social media by the Russian Ministry of Defense shows the ruins of a Ukrainian rocket launcher (MLRS), which was shelled from a height of over 3,000 meters.

Searcher 2, also referred to as Forpost in Russia, was modified to carry two KAB-20 aerial bombs and was given the new name Forpost-R. Ukraine has since reported that its forces intercepted

Russian Forpost UAVs.