Watch: New Multipurpose Amphibious UGV 

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A new modular unmanned ground vehicle has passed the next stage of factory tests. “Mirotvorets ” (Peacemaker) is a unique floating multi-purpose robotic platform based on an electromechanical chassis, which is designed to perform logistics, evacuation, reconnaissance and other special tasks in military units.

Ukrainian company Synergy DPE said that the system of optical vision and communication steadily allowed to receive video from cameras and control the robotic platform at distances from 2000 to 2500 meters in indirect visibility (due to changing terrain and forest obstacles). The platform demonstrated its capabilities on snowy terrain and at low temperatures. It has low-pressure tires and is built on a stable and durable transmission base with long-range capabilities and a low noise signature. 

High all-terrain properties allow maneuvering in difficult road and weather conditions, including overcoming water obstacles such as lakes, rivers, swamps, snowy areas, deserts, trenches up to 1000mm without preparation and trenches up to 2000mm in case of dismantling the broadside and mountainous terrain with an angle of 60%, according to the company.

Such platforms could be used in combat zones and increase military mobility and security.

The robotic platform is a basic universal chassis for the installation of combat strike modules, medical equipment, special reconnaissance equipment, demining and electronic countermeasures, fire equipment and various bodies for transporting people and goods and others. This, in turn, makes it possible to create a unified family of robotic complexes and middle-class all-terrain vehicle that can be used together in a single control system, according to