Advanced Positioning Tech Saves Lives in Emergency – Septier Demonstrates Innovation at the International INNOTECH 2021 Exhibition

A police coordination team and officers discuss response tactics in front of large live screens in a modern office.

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In an emergency situation when every second counts and time is a critical factor, communications and accurate positioning are vital to the work of first responders and security teams.

Septier Communication is a recognized leader in the dynamic world of tactical and strategic cellular security systems offering also a growing line of cyber security solutions. 

Septier will be showcasing its advanced technologies at the international INNOTECH 2021 Conference and Exhibition on Cyber, HLS and innovation at Tel Aviv Expo on Nov. 17-18.

Septier conceptualizes, builds and delivers a wide range of tailor-made products to clients worldwide, including law enforcement, HLS and counterterrorism agencies, search and rescue organizations, telecom service providers, correctional facilities, and more.

The highly accurate and reliable platforms developed by Septier are already deployed in over 80 countries. These include:

command center

  • Tactical systems for on-site use, developed using Septier’s GUARDIAN infrastructure.
  • Strategic Systems – including Lawful Interception (LI) and monitoring systems, an array of cellular positioning solutions for all networks and all technologies, analytical tools and more
  • Cyber Security – specialized software used for covert intelligence gathering in clandestine operating scenarios.
  • In light of the COVID 19 epidemic, Septier has expanded its operations into the Public Health Security field, creating a new unit offering solutions to help authorities contain the Corona Virus.

Meet Septier E911

At INNOTECH 2021, Septier will be demonstrating one of its cutting-edge technologies – Septier E911, Positioning of Cellular Emergency Calls

Septier E911 is a unified solution for accurate and reliable positioning of emergency calls. It is a phase-1 and phase-2 compliant E911 platform, providing a complete, high-accuracy solution for locating emergency calls. 

Septier’s vast experience in cellular location technologies has been utilized to provide this ground-breaking solution, which is network agnostic and supports all cellular technologies and positioning approaches, enabling optional integration to last-mile positioning systems.

This cutting-edge solution, already deployed worldwide, combines multidimensional cellular positioning capabilities to provide emergency services and first responders with vital, up-to-date information which may make the difference between life and death.

Founded in 1999, Septier is a fast-growing company headquartered in Israel with offices and representatives around the globe, providing cutting-edge solutions with full attention to customer needs. 

Rafi Levi, Senior Deputy to CEO & COO: “Septier provides a suite of tactical applications for on-site use, including the company’s GUARDIAN infrastructure that provides interception, positioning, presence detection, and more. Our strategic product line includes Lawful Interception (LI) and monitoring systems, an array of cellular positioning solutions, and more.”

In emergency situations – Septier Communications solutions always provide real-time, critical data and communications, saving lives and helping in law enforcement investigations.