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New drones will serve European organizations for pollution response at sea, safety and civil maritime surveillance.

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has ordered from Nordic Unmanned lightweight remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) services supporting pollution response and multipurpose maritime surveillance for up to 4 years.

Nordic Unmanned will utilize up to 19 Lockheed Martin Indago drones in the service under the contract. 

The drone services will support civil operations from vessels, onshore locations along the coastline or in ports. Up to 17 oil pollution response vessels across Europe will be equipped with drone equipment.

Nordic Unmanned will remain on 24/7 emergency response standby to operate the systems and take part in relevant drills and exercises. Up to two systems will be on standby for ad hoc long-term deployments. All operations will be live-streamed through Nordic Unmanned’s streaming solution into the EMSA RPAS data center. 

Sensors and payloads used under the contract will be day and night video/image sensors, radioactivity detectors, and logistical vessel to vessel support payloads, according to the company.