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ATK and Elbit Systems Ltd. had received a contract award through the Defense Acquisition Challenge (DAC) Program to provide a low-cost, light-weight, precision guided missile for the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) evaluation.

This missile incorporates lock-on before and after launch and employs a penetrating warhead with sufficient kinetic energy to defeat hardened targets. The project directly supports a USSOCOM requirement that the companies are ready to meet with their Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR) and Precision Guided Rocket Launcher (PGRL).

The DAC project for ATK- ELBIT’s GATR and PGRL is to validate desired operational and ballistic performance while employed from USSOCOM airborne platforms. During the project, ATK- ELBIT will provide GATR missiles and PGRL digital smart launchers for environmental testing and operational evaluation on MH-60L/M rotary-wing platforms.

GATR’s characteristics includes: Semi Active Laser (SAL) seeker used in combat proven LJDAM, Digitally Fuze. Fully-Qualified MPP (Multi Purpose Penetrator) M282 War Head and an outstanding launching envelope.

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