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A new collaboration has yielded an advanced smart city technology. Most public lighting systems today are inefficient and unsustainable. Excess power consumption owing to outdated technology has long been a problem for its highly damaging effect on the environment, particularly in instances where the electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels.

Omniflow developed OMNILED, a multifunctional lighting solution that can turn any regular streetlight into a smart pole with ultra-efficient LEDs, IP cameras, high-quality PA systems, LTE/small-cell connectivity, public Wi-Fi, among several other features, powered almost entirely through renewable energy and carbon-conscious technology. 

Leveraging FlytBase’s powerful drone-automation software, Omniflow has incorporated a drone charging hub with its smart pole, to create scalable and sustainable networks and highways for drone service providers.

Development of smart poles has increased the accessibility of 5G connectivity and other essential digital services, such as EV charging, for the world. As autonomous drones continued to gain widespread recognition within the automation and robotics industry, engineers at Omniflow began exploring the possibility of retrofitting their smart poles with docking pads that drones could land on for refuelling. Because their smart poles are cloud-connected and equipped with edge-computing capabilities, they were able to easily install a smart charging station for such drones that could be leveraged for various use-cases, including security, public safety, delivery, and emergency response.

To enable drones to perform autonomous functions such as landing, take-off, and executing pre/post-flight checks, the collaborating companies will deploy a fully integrated software solution that would enable remote control of both the drone and the hub. 

One of the key features of the software is its precision-landing module, which uses computer-vision technology and landing algorithms to accurately align, approach, and land the drones on the charging pad every time, according to

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