Egozi: War in Northern Israel

Egozi: War in Northern Israel

A simulated SCUD missile site has been constructed using fake missiles and dump trucks near Roswell. The imitation missiles are used as targets in the annual air defense exercise.

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By Arie Egozi

Israel must decide now what will be its reaction to an attack from Lebanon, with Hezbollah launching it’s highly advanced missiles, some with very large warheads.

All the experts agree that what we saw in recent days when the Hamas launched missiles into Israel is “kids’ stuff” compared to the capability of the Lebanese terror organization.

According to a paper written by Orna Mizrachi  and Yoram Schweitzer, researchers in the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), Hezbollah has recently shown greater willingness to take risks regarding a possible military confrontation with Israel, which contrasts with the period of restraint the organization imposed on itself in the last months of the Trump administration. 

Since the new administration entered the White House, this has been reflected mainly in the realization of Hezbollah’s threats to try and harm Israeli flights in Lebanese skies – after a long period (since October 2019) of avoiding such action – when on February 3, 2021 it launched an anti-aircraft missile against an Israeli drone; the missile failed to hit the drone. Spokesmen for the organization boasted of the action as evidence of their determination to prevent Israeli activity in Lebanese airspace and to preserve the deterrence equation with Israel.

According to the Missile Threat website, Hezbollah’s arsenal consists mainly of the following types:

107 & 122 mm ‘Katyusha’ Rockets

Fajr-1 / Chinese 107 mm Rockets

Falaq 1/2

333 mm Shahin-1

122 mm Type-81 Rocket

Fajr-3 and Fajr-5

Raad-2 and Raad-3 / 220 mm Uragan-type Rockets

302 mm Khaibar-1 / M-302 / B-302

Zelzal-1 and Zelzal-2

Fateh-110 / M-600


So the confrontation with the Lebanese terror organization will be a different thing and Israel must get ready in defense and offence.

Israeli sources say that the only way to stop heavy salvos of missiles from Lebanon will be the fast and complete destruction of the country’s electrical and water supply systems.

Arie Egozi, iHLS Editor-in-Chief