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A new counter-unmanned aircraft (C-UAS) platform informs security teams of unwanted drone activity and empowers authorized operators to protect their airspace.

Citadel Defense teamed with Syzygy Integration to develop a custom counter-drone application for the Department of Defense and federal government agencies. The application accelerates situational awareness and coordinated responses to uncooperative drone activity around critical infrastructure, National Special Security Events (NSSE), military bases, and the border.

The system based on the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) allows security agencies to coordinate responses to drone threats from their mobile device. 

TAK is a map-based software application that enables coordination among thousands of users with features such as position data, chat, mission planning, etc.

According to Citadel, combining Titan’s artificial intelligence foundation with the new TAK-based application delivers a force-multiplying capability needed by resource-constrained security teams.

Titan is an autonomous, artificial intelligence-enabled counter-drone solution that forces drones to safely land without disrupting nearby communications or electronics.

The new C-UAS platform addresses a critical operational need for cost-effective, rapidly deployable, and operator-portable C-UAS solutions that work across the entire defense chain, which includes detecting the drone, classifying it, locating it, and safely neutralizing it with a low-collateral effector. The solution is rolling out to military and federal customers throughout 2021.

Titan’s mission planning application provides warfighters, federal agents, and law enforcement the ability to locate the drone, locate the pilot or safely neutralize an immediate threat when kinetic effectors are not allowed.

The solution uses secure messaging, cross-agency collaboration tools, and a cloud-based infrastructure for anytime, anywhere access, according to the announcement on