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A new technology will enable long-range precision fires, one of the U.S. Army’s key priorities, and significantly extend the range of the military’s current field artillery.

Northrop Grumman has successfully completed multiple rounds of tests on its Solid Fuel Ramjet (SFRJ) tactical engine configuration. Conducted as part of phase one of the U.S. Army’s XM1155 Extended-Range Artillery Projectile (ERAP) program, the tests validated gun-launched survivability and performance predictions, and demonstrated the potential of extending projectile range to more than 100 kilometers, which is a significant increase compared to current fielded artillery projectiles, as reported by 

The XM1155 ERAP program will provide an extended range, guided 155mm artillery round capable of defeating moving and stationary targets in all terrain and weather conditions. The munition system is being designed to provide multi-domain battlespace dominance against high level targets. 

According to the company, the successful completion of the tests of the Solid Fuel Ramjet “demonstrates maturation of the technology to survive the very challenging gun-launch environment and significantly extend the range of the U.S. military’s current field artillery with a high level of confidence.”