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The US Coast Guard has ordered a 9-m aluminium-hulled vessel with autonomous navigation and control technology for its Research and Development Center (RDC).

Metal Shark Boats will supply a new Sharktech 29 Defiant vessel with Sea Machines Robotics’ equipment on board.

The autonomous and remote control technology will be trialled on this vessel in demonstrations off the coast of Hawaii in October.

The vessel’s autonomous capabilities will be evaluated for supporting USCG surveillance, interdiction, patrol and other missions.

This vessel will have Sea Machines’s SM300 autonomous-command and remote-helm control module in the pilothouse. SM300 provides advanced capabilities for vessel missions, including transit autonomy, collaborative autonomy, collision avoidance and remote vessel monitoring.

“The exercises will ultimately help us determine how, when, and if this innovative technology can be used to support personnel who are executing a variety of coastguard activities”, according to