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UAV technology delivers critical situational awareness and tactical opportunities. The US Department of Defense supports the domestic small unmanned aerial system (sUAV) industry, further enhancing the US warfighter’s situational awareness, improving human-machine teaming, and providing engineering support for aiding the integration of sUAV capabilities into DoD programs. 

A new aerial intelligence platform will be developed for the US DoD. AirMap, a digital airspace and automation company, has won a US DoD award to commercialize its AirBoss platform – an Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) software platform designed for Group 1 UAVs and developed together with Reveal Technology and the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit.

The system equips troops with the tools to collect, process, share, and act on critical visual intelligence in real time.

AirMap received $3.3M to aid product development and engineering support for integration of sUAV mission planning, post-mission analysis, and unmanned traffic management software. 

The award coincides with the launch of the AirMap Defense Group (ADG), a defense and security business unit that provides mission-critical technologies to the DoD. AirMap is working closely with the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab to enhance and field test the AirBoss platform with small quadrotors, as reported by