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A game-changing cybersecurity technology is bringing about a new era, claims the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM). US Army researchers are creating technologies for decision makers to identify and execute the best-course-of-action cybersecurity defense in near-real-time and time-constrained situations. The system integrates virtualization, emulation, simulation and container technologies to allow analysts to characterize the benefits of particular algorithms in particular situations by running several parallel experiments at once, and then to package those scenarios and results for other researchers to repeat and build upon. 

While some researchers make their algorithms, models and tools available as open source, it is difficult and, in some cases, impossible to recreate studies due to the lack of the original operating environment or no support for software components used within that environment. The researchers have developed a standardized mechanism for researchers to create and share experimentation workflows and results using a tool built using the open-source model. 

“In our work, we created a baseline MTD algorithm and scenario,” said Dr. Jaime C. Acosta, DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory South site lead at the University of Texas at El Paso. He said he is very confident that this research and tool – RES (repeatable experimentation system) will shape a cornerstone for the Army of the future’s defense technologies. 

According to, moving forward, the researchers plan to make incremental improvements to RES based on community feedback. More importantly, they plan to use this tool to conduct comparative analysis on different defense techniques. The data generated from the executions of different defense mechanisms will become inputs to an autonomous decision support system that will provide insights into which mechanisms may work better under different conditions. 

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