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The US Government has chosen a Containerized Anti-UAS Defense System (C-AUDS) 

to defend critical infrastructure. It is the first system of systems chosen for integration with the US Airforce developed MEDUSA Command and Control (C2) System. 

 The MEDUSA was recently identified in the DoD’s down selection of Interim Counter Small Unmanned Systems (C-sUAS).

C-AUDS is our most advanced C-sUAS solution built on the foundation of fielded combat capabilities since 2016.  It is a self-contained C-sUAS system that integrates very well with other sensors, C2 systems and weapon systems. The fact that the MEDUSA C2 System was chosen, and C-AUDS is an integral part of MEDUSA for protection of critical infrastructure is “no surprise.” “ We are committed to continue deliveries of these capabilities to our current customers and to any organization with a requirement to protect lives and defend critical infrastructure.”