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Prison perimeter security missions require 24/7 routine check-ups which take a long time and require also keeping the staff safe. Security personnel must have enough time to mount an appropriate response to incidents and prevent the escape of prisoners..

An autonomous vehicle for prison security missions that is currently under development may solve these problems. Strategic Elements’ wholly-owned Stealth Technologies will collaborate with the West Australia Department of Justice and Honeywell Building Technologies in the development of a fully-autonomous security vehicle for the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison in Western Australia.

The autonomous security vehicle is expected to inspect, test and confirm the integrity of the prison’s perimeter. This will be done without human intervention and the data will be integrated seamlessly into the prison’s existing technology and processes.

The availability of the autonomous vehicle would empower prison officers to better concentrate on managing the safety, security and rehabilitation of the prisoners, and provide staff with greater ability to randomize testing and additional patrols to investigate incidents, especially at night.

Current perimeter testing requires two staff three times a day to check each fence and security system. Another officer is needed to confirm alarms. Each check takes about one hour to complete, according to

Under the collaboration, the Honeywell Pacific Apps team and Stealth will build an interface between the security management system and the vehicle. This will enable alarm activation and acknowledgement between the security system and the vehicle, and provide live video streaming to the security system operators and two-way voice communication. Additionally, the vehicle will relay real-time location and status information to provide greater situation awareness.

Final validation and acceptance testing is to begin in the September quarter. The potential use of the technology will also be investigated at other facilities.