New Developments in Counter-Drone Warfare

New Developments in Counter-Drone Warfare

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As the threat of weaponized small unmanned aerial systems and drone incidents escalates, there is a growing demand for reliable counter-measures in order to defend critical infrastructures and the public at large. An advanced counter-UAS system recently supplied to a US DoD customer provides forces with greater protection against hostile sUAS. Several units of the eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System (X-MADIS) were supplied by Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) as part of a major contract award.

The delivery included the latest variant of the X-MADIS, which incorporates cutting-edge technology innovations for improved portable, on-the-move capabilities in combating sUASs.

The system offers superior situational awareness by combining radar with a Radio Frequency (RF) detection sensor. Multiple detection methods ensure no sUAS threat goes undetected while offering greater reliability in detection, classification and locating of one or multiple sUAS simultaneously, according to

The rugged Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) imaging system delivers accurate identification of sUAS in all light conditions. With high zoom capabilities, the system provides long-range sUAS identification at day and night. 

With a powerful Electronic Warfare (EW) system for neutralization, the X-MADIS offers a portable, full-spectrum solution for combating sUAS and drone swarms. 

Other enhancements include improved power distribution, simpler setup and deployment features and new hardware components for reliable Counter UAS on-the-move in rough terrain. All components are integrated into AVT’s latest CUAS Suite software for seamless command and control of the entire kill-chain.