AI Counter-Drone Solution Addresses Complex Challenges

AI Counter-Drone Solution Addresses Complex Challenges

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Most counter-drone (C-UAS) sensing modalities that are using radar or cyber takeover tactics are limited by ground clutter or responsiveness to new threats. A new artificial intelligence-based technology enhances those capabilities to deliver necessary force protection when all sensors are fused together.

Citadel Defense, expertizing in counter-drone technology has expanded its solution to detect, identify, and defeat unmanned systems in the air, on land, or at sea. 

The company uses AI and machine learning algorithms to address surface-based threats and robotic platforms. These threats are creating challenges for military and security teams that legacy electronic warfare and most C-UAS systems fail to address.

The company’s Titan is an autonomous, artificial intelligence-enabled solution that forces drones to safely land without disrupting nearby communications or electronics. The system offers a radiofrequency and electronic countermeasure capability that addresses the counter unmanned system mission set across the full spectrum of operations within a standalone system. 

The software will be rolled out to over 100 Titan systems in the field. Titan’s open architecture ensures that the breadth of capability and protection offered by the Titan can be integrated into any layered system purchased by U.S. military, government, or commercial customers, according to

“We used cognitive technologies including robotic process automation, AI, and deep learning from the very beginning of our development two years ago. End-user and environmental feedback refined our models allowing us to deliver a nimble system with immediate software patches.. Having this capability effective across fixed, mobile, and dismounted operations is a disruptive technology that meets the doctrinal needs of our military” explained CEO Christopher Williams.

A year ago, In May 2019, the United States Air Force has awarded Citadel with another contract for their counter-drone solution. The company’s mobile system has now been operated by each military service and many government agencies in the US.