Special Edition

Special Edition

iHLS TV Special Edition - Interview with INNOCON President Zvika Nave on UAVs and UAS - Part 2. Click here for part 1

iHLS TV Special Edition - Interview with INNOCON President Zvika Nave on UAVs and UAS. Watch Part Two

iHLS TV Special Edition - Interview with Smadar Perry - Part 2, War on ISIS

iHLS TV Special Edition - Interview Smadar perry-Part 1, War on ISIS

Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (UAVs) are sent to complex and faraway espionage and reconnaissance missions, thereby avoiding the high risks posed to manned missions. This special...

This iHLS Special Edition video is about Espionage Satellites, which pick up electromagnetic signals that characterize electronic weapon systems, take images of army movements, of moving sea...

This  iHLS Special Edition video is about the terror organization ISIL/ISIS: the al-Qaeda-al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) splinter-group that is making strides in Lebanon, Syria...

OSINT: Open Source Intelligence enables intercepting both terrorists and criminals and thwarting their activities

The Ebola epidemic is continuing to spread, with the current death toll at 1500 and the number of patients estimated at 2500. This outbreak...

Germany's BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst), Federal Intelligence Service, wiretapped Hillary Clinton's cellphone during her recent visit to Berlin

A review of counter-espionage and counter-terror intelligence agencies use to intercept suspects' cellular, data and internet activities

A review of the field of Signal Intelligence, or SIGINT – involving the analysis of electronic signals.

The first in a series of reviews focusing on intelligence. In this episode we review HUMINT – Human Intelligence – using spies and informants...

A review of Israel's offshore security systems, defending its #underwater natural #gas reservoirs.

The Tunnels under the Gaza strip border are a strategic threat The goal of the military ground opoeration the IDF launched into the Gaza Strip...

Iron Dome The Israeli developed rocket interceptor is without any doubt the star of PROTECTIVE EDGE operation . This system has so far intercepted 90...

A review of new robots that were developed to assist first responders: Police, fire fighters, search and rescue units, medical emergency units and more.

Reviewing the use of armed drones by the U.S. and Britain over the last few years, in light of recent events in Syria and...

A review of the technologies used by Israeli security forces in the search for the three missing youths in the west bank: Elbit's new version...

Articles and issues discussed in this episode: Security experts: There's a need to address security threats caused by small vessels Companies offer training for shipping companies...

Articles and issues discussed in this episode: American computer programmer constructs deadly weapons out of simple items sold in airports U.S. officials attempt to improve passenger...

Articles and issues discussed in this episode: The U.S. Navy's new LWaS, a low cost solution against drones, light aircraft and missiles New Israeli “star wars”...

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