coast guard. image by pixabay

Naval Interconnectivity On Another Level

The US Naval Research Laboratory is currently exploring future potential uses for its zinc-based batteries that provide a safer, reusable alternative to other types...
infrastructure. image by pixabay

New Technology will Secure Critical Infrastructure

As protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attacks has become vital and a major mission in a world where cyber attacks have been targeting more...
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Is This The World’s First AI Accelerator Chip?

AI accelerators are a class of hardware that are designed, as the name suggests, to accelerate AI models. By boosting the performance of algorithms,...
computirized vision. image by pixabay

Cost and Resource Efficient Computerized Vision in Development

One of the key reasons for the growing interest in machine learning systems is the problems they can solve in computer vision. New neural...

Powering Wearable Devices Using Unexpected Source

Researchers have found a way to harvest electricity from radio waves. From microwave ovens to Wi-Fi connections, the radio waves that permeate the environment...
warship. image by pixabay

An Autonomous Maritime Replenishment System?

The US Defense Department is set to trial a full-scale autonomous ocean-going replenishment system. The technology-driven kits transform existing barges into self-moving platforms that...
smart city. image by pixabay

New Technology Advances Smart City Vision

A new collaboration has yielded an advanced smart city technology. Most public lighting systems today are inefficient and unsustainable. Excess power consumption owing to...
Data center. image by pixabay

Data Centers Face Cooling Problem While Temperatures Rise

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) states that there’s a 93 percent chance that one year between now and 2026 will be the hottest on...
Industry. image by pixabay

New AI Detects Anomalies in Oil and Gas Industry

A US Robotics company is adding new artificial intelligence anomaly detection capabilities to its autonomous Scout System drone. A leading US provider of private...
Future City. by pixabay

Can We Turn Buildings into Giant Batteries?

With a significant use increase of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, more appropriate energy storage technologies are being developed to...
A-UGV Mission Master SP

Watch a Successful Live-Fire Demo of an A-UGV

A Rheinmetall A-UGV successfully completed a variety of complex tasks during a live-fire drill held in April for delegations from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark,...
Sustainable Aviation Pathfinder Aircraft visits Royal Air Force Cranwell, Photographic Section Media Services RAF College Cranwell Sleaford Lincolnshire United Kingdom

The UK MoD Tests Battery-Powered Aircraft

In a recent experiment carried out by the British Ministry of Defense (DoD), a series of battery-powered aircraft tests are being conducted as part...
Laser Weapon Systems, Photo by Lockheed Martin

A New Laser Weapon System Tested By The U.S. Navy

An invisible beam was fired by the ground-based laser system at the red drone as it flew. A glowing orange glow suddenly appeared on...
Photo illus. UAV from Virginia Guard Public Affairs Flickr

RAF Flew Synthetic Fuel Drone For The First Time

Various research efforts are currently being conducted and many resources invested to reduce the use of oil-based fuels and produce alternatives, such as fuel...
PHoto illus. warfighters by US Navy

US Army Releases Climate Strategy

Officials from the American military say U.S. forces plan to implement hybrid-electric vehicles into their ground fleets as soon as possible. According to a...
photo illus. video analytics by Pixabay

Five Innovative Technologies in Security Robotics

Robots help secure remote facilities and wide-area perimeters. Security robotics is a relatively new field, but it’s already shown impressive innovation featuring new technologies....
cybersecurity of electrical grid

Accelerated Solution for Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

The new digital landscape and growing cyber threats require that oil and gas installations, power grid infrastructure and other utilities be more resilient to...
Photo illus.. climate change by Pixabay

Global Warming Impact on the Battlefield

The US Defense Department accounts for 56 percent of the federal government’s carbon footprint and 52 percent of its electricity use. Global warming will...

Overcoming Airborne Payload Limitations

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of small to medium UAS are constrained by power and payload limitations. Passive radar overcomes both these barriers...

Silent Solution for Emerging Battlefield

Vehicles operating in combat zones and reconnaissance missions require silent operation. Oshkosh Defense has unveiled its silent drive hybrid-electric Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), the...

First Electric Unmanned Flight by US Air Force

The US Air Force successfully completed the first flight of an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft with an Air Force pilot at...
hydrogen power

Auto-Giant to Provide Power Systems to Military Bases

There will be more demand for generators as vehicles switch from internal combustion to electric power. Police departments and municipal governments will need backup...


image from video

Revolutionary Snake-Inspired Robot Can Move and Manipulate Objects

Snake-inspired robots have many advantages over conventional wheeled or legged ones, like adapting the shape of their body, entering narrow spaces and moving freely...