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A new technology offering a public non-contact temperature measurement may serve as an effective solution for coping with the spread of the coronavirus. The solution provides immediate alert when the face temperature is not normal, with focus on the forehead.

How does the technology work? The system integrates a hybrid thermal imaging camera with a controlled temperature projector. A live video of the controlled entrance into the premises is presented as a thermal image, the camera measures the face temperature, focusing on the forehead, of each person that passes before the camera, and presents the temperature close to the person’s image.

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The camera provides an automatic, immediate alert when a person’s temperature differs from the pre-defined threshold, with a 0.3 degrees accuracy.

Dahua Benda Magnetic is capable of coping with conditions such as a face covered with a hat, face mask, helmet, glasses, and it can even supply accurate results in case of a person holding a hot cup of coffee, a challenge not met by current technologies, according to the company.

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Watch the thermal imaging system at work: