Watch Coronavirus Geographical Visualization

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The dynamics of the coronavirus global cases are well visualized in this constantly updating dashboard by Johns Hopkins CSSE (Center for Systems Science and Engineering. The dashboard includes confirmed cases by country/region, total deaths and recovered.

World private organizations and government agencies are scrambling to implement business continuity planning (BCP) measures for the coronavirus. BCP is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company or organization. 

What BCP measures have been taken in Asia? According to international news agencies, in Hong Kong, many companies have already activated extensive BCPs for the coronavirus in comparison to jurisdictions with similar numbers of confirmed cases, partially due to containment measures from the local government, lessons learned during the SARs outbreak and the region’s close proximity to mainland China. 

Measures include remote working arrangements for a large percentage of the workforce. Some companies have provided personal protection supplies such as surgical masks and hand disinfectant for employees who have to come to the office to perform their job duties. 

There have been fewer reports of companies in South Korea, Japan or Thailand implementing business continuity measures such as asking employees to work from home or limiting employee travel.