Quantum Supremacy Race – New Cold War

Quantum Supremacy Race – New Cold War

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By harnessing the properties of quantum physics, powerful quantum computers have the potential to sort through a vast number of possibilities in nearly real time and come up with a probable solution. 

In a commentary this week, the Wall Street Journal warns that US complacency might let China crack all its codes, leading to a threat to American national security that is going to be much more dangerous and complex than the one during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. 

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Cyberweapons can crash power grids, transportation networks and can paralyze financial systems, among other things. Furthermore, rapid technological change makes a system of cyber arms control difficult to achieve.

As China and the US move towards great power competition, the complexities of the information age could create more unknowns than the nuclear-oriented Cold War.

While nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles shaped the Cold War, cyberweapons and information operations are expected to shape competition between the US and China.

In October, Google claimed that it had achieved “quantum supremacy,” demonstrating the potential of a new kind of computer that can perform certain tasks much faster than the most advanced supercomputers. IBM, which is working on its own quantum technology and several other organizations had disputed the science behind Google’s alleged achievement. 

However, the wsj.com claims, the US must win the quantum computers race and achieve the ability to decrypt the vast majority of existing public-key encryption systems.

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