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The United States Army is currently testing the new eBee X Fixed-Wing UAS by SenseFly. The unmanned aircraft is being tested outside the Army’s engineering center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The commercially available UAS is used mainly for mapping operations and the United States Army is testing exactly those capabilities. The Army aims to use the system to collect high definition photographs and mapping data to support dozens of military programs and mission conducted globally.

“Our goal is to utilize it to make us more efficient in how we collect all types of engineering data, specifically surveying data and topographic data,” said Wade Doss, the Huntsville Center Engineering Directorate Civil Structures Division chief. “We’ll be able to fly simple missions and produce 3D models.”

The eBee is designed to map larger areas in less amount of time, especially in areas that are considered to be too dangerous for humans, according to

The UAS is a simple hand launched aircraft. It has a relatively small wingspan of only 116 centimeters and is lightweight, weighing in at less than 1.5 kilograms. It is powered by a low noise electric motor and can carry a wide range of different sensors and cameras.

The system can be flown with several different payloads. Ranging from electro-optic sensors, 3D cameras, and infrared cameras, the eBee X Fixed Wing UAS is versatile and can be used for a wide range of different mapping operations.