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A new loitering reconnaissance UAV has been unveiled. The WARMATE Loitering Reconnaissance System is a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft, that is used for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance of the battlefield. 

Designed by the Polish WB Group to complement its observation capabilities, WARMATE R is a cost-effective solution compatible with other WARMATE loitering munitions systems.

The reconnaissance version is based on the same fuselage and the ground segment as the WARMATE combat unmanned aerial vehicle – the observation payload and the warheads for combat missions can be used alternatively, according to

The system has a flight endurance of 90 min and has a maximum flying range of 15 km. It has a weight of 5.2 kg. 

Visual data is provided by an observation head, mounted on the fuselage of the platform. 

The head integrates 3 cameras arranged to provide multiple views of the exterior of the aircraft under the control of the flight operators. 

The UAV can be equipped with daylight or thermal cameras, as well as laser target highlighter.

The system has an in-built data analysis system enabling accurate target location and delivering its geographical coordinates to the artillery.

The UAV incorporates a “Target Lock” function, which allows the camera to observe a target regardless of the orientation of the UAV. Target locking can be achieved based on the geographical position or visual tracking of the target. Target locking enables tracking of moving targets – individuals or vehicles.

The platform lands automatically at any pre-determined point following the selection of the landing mode; in addition, the system allows for the manual landing, together with a parachute, preventing damage to the fuselage and the payload and allowing the UAV to land on a hard surface if required.