Evidence Gathering Processes Upgraded

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The evidence gathering process is a stressful time. In order to improve evidence capture reliability and evidence value within the judicial process, the UAE has launched a new effort aimed at protecting victims of crime. 

UAE’s Safe City Group, a state-owned company that specializes in innovative public safety solutions for the Middle East, has signed a partnership with UK-based company, AVET Technologies, in order to enhance investigation processes, evidence gathering techniques and data interrogation technologies to support international police, security forces, court and judicial processes.

The agreement entails dedicated purpose-built evidence recording solutions featuring innovative storage and data interrogation concepts that will significantly augment the role of law enforcement officers whilst conducting interviews.

AVET Technology’s new audio and video digital evidence recorders offer a seismic change to recording meetings from formal judicial interviews to commercial applications documenting discussions and decisions that will stand-up in court. Their recorders are fast and powerful yet at the same time small and lightweight and are simple to operate. Setting up an interview takes less than five minutes. 

Once done, it is quick and easy to download recordings to DVDs or networks. Their software is easy to use with minimal training required. Controlled through a 7” touch screen the video recorder delivers a modern approach to recording evidentially-compliant interviews and their smaller and compact audio recorder is even more straight-forward to operate, according to the avettech.com. 

“Safe City Group’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Public Safety Solutions within the Gulf Region is complemented by AVET’s decades of experience in evidential interview capture, as well as strong partnerships with various UK research institutions,” stated Jerry Thornton, Managing Director from AVET Technology.

Safe City Group will also soon launch the next generation of digital interview recorders, according to wam.ae.