Better Depth Perception In Extreme Conditions

Photo illust. US DoD

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The US Marine soldiers will enjoy better depth perception and improved sight in extremely obscured conditions, thanks to a new binocular-style night-vision device.

The Corps has awarded a $250 million contract to Harris Corporation for the supply of 14,000 Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggles (SBNVG). The new system combines a binocular night-vision device and enhanced clip-on thermal imager. 

The SBNVG system is a combination of a binocular night vision device and enhanced clip-on thermal imager. It is reportedly lighter than the AN/PVS-15 night-vision goggles used by the US Armed Forces.

The system can detect and recognize targets in extreme low light and bad weather and in the presence of smoke and other obscurants, according to a release cited by

Marine infantry units will start receiving in Spring 2020.

“The use of white phosphor provides a greater capability to see at night with more clarity, giving Marines enhanced situational awareness,” Lt. Col. Tim Hough, program manager for Infantry Weapons at SYSCOM – US Navy Systems Command.

“Awarding this SBNVG contract and fielding these systems to the warfighter is one more step toward increasing the command and control, lethality and ability of the infantry squad to overwhelm our adversaries,” Hough said.

Prior to awarding the contract to Harris, the USMC procured 1,300 systems under an existing Defense Logistics Agency contract.

The systems were used for field testing to enable marines to get a first-hand experience of the technology.