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The United States Army is currently working to develop an autonomous artillery shell  capable of targeting enemy forces, including moving vehicles. The Cannon Delivered Area Effects Munition (C-DAEM) is designed to autonomously adjust its trajectory mid flight to accurately hit targets. Since the shell can correct its trajectory on its own, its is capable of working in areas where GPS may be jammed.

The C-DAEM is intended to based off the Raytheon made, Excalibur 155 mm artillery round. Utilizing a GPS targeting system, the Excalibur is capable of landing within 6.5 feet of a target dozens of miles away.

However, unlike the C-DAEM, Excalibur can’t effectively be used against moving targets.

The C-DAEM will be able to hit moving targets, even when their exact location isn’t known. It will have a range of up to 60 kilometers and be able to search an area larger than 28 square kilometers. The artillery shell will likely have wings, allowing it to slow down as it searches for targets.

Like the Excalibur, the C-DAEM is a 155 millimeter shell. mentions that the C-DAEM will be be able to be fired from the M109A6 Paladin and the XM1299 self propelled howitzers, as well as from the M777 towed howitzer. 

The first C-DAEMs may enter service, at the soonest, by 2020, with the first generation of shells being used to target tanks and armored vehicles. Later generations will be able to target and hit stationary targets such as soldiers, antennas, air defenses, and cannons.