iHLS INNOFENESE Innovation Center – Call for Startups for Ministry of Defense

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innovation center for dual use technologies - iHLS INNOFENSE

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iHLS INNOFENSE – Innovation program for technological startups in the civilian and security sector, which will be operated by iHLS in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and MAF’AT

Israel Ministry of Defense and iHLS collaborate in iHLS INNOFENSE innovation center – “an innovation program for technological projects in the civilian and security sector.” The program is designed to strengthen the links between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

Within the framework of the program, an innovative connection model is applied for the first time vis a vis the startup companies. The model led by the Israel Ministry of Defense Chief Economist enables the entrepreneurs to operate with ultimate flexibility and accessibility to the Ministry of Defense and the IDF. During the first stage of the program, several projects will be recruited for a six-month period, and each project will receive a NIS 200,000 grant, in addition to support from the Innovation Center.

Within the framework of the Innovation Center, the entrepreneurs receive from each iHLS all the services required for the acceleration and development of the startup, including business mentoring. The company supports the projects from the stage of technological proof of concept, business development, penetration to relevant markets, legal advice, and networking for further investments in the future. They will be joined by coaches and mentors, R&D representatives from MAF’AT (Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure) and the relevant arms. 


iHLS INNOFENSE program is designed for projects with dual-use technologies (civilian and security) in order to enable their future expansion to other markets. The Ministry of Defense will be able to use the information for the evaluation of the technology but will not enter as a shareholder or with rights regarding the companies’ intellectual property.

Applications submission until September 30, 2019

The following challenges interest the iHLS INNOFENSE Innovation Center:

  • Urban navigation – technologies for precision navigation at the urban space without dependency on GPS or communications
  • Anomaly detection – in autonomous systems
  • Smart Campus – the integration of user experience technologies and decreasing of dependency on human resources
  • Predictive maintenance – solutions for the detection and prediction of failures in military systems
  • Unmanned systems – civilian solutions and adjustment to operational and logistical missions
  • Computerized image processing – automatic analytics capabilities of images and the identification of structure features on the image 
  • Predicting aerial activity in a specific space via the integration of military and civilian databases 
  • Text analysis and conclusion – the extraction of knowledge accumulated in written investigations
  • The identification of process influences – understanding the influence of IT systems failure on operational processes 
  • Information security in a geographic perimeter – defense from information leaks in geofencing by the negation of mobile devices capabilities
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Storage and retrieval systems
  • Other

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