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A surveillance startup has recently been awarded a $13.5 million contract by the United State Marine Corps to provide “autonomous surveillance counter intrusion capabilities” to Marine Corps bases around the world.

Anduril Industries has been awarded the contract to provide surveillance support to four different Marine Corps bases, one in Hawaii, one in Arizona, and two in Japan.

As part of the contract’s agreements, Anduril will be responsible for providing surveillance “capability as a service.” This means the company will be responsible for shipping, installing, and maintaining the technology. The company will also train government personnel on how to use the technology.

The technology in question includes the company’s Lattice Platform. This platform can detect human shaped figures using AI. The system also involves sentry towers equipped with sensors. The system can also utilize drones for added surveillance, however there has been no mention of drones in the contract.

The platform is expected to be fully ready by September 20th. It is expected to be tested for a one year period, where at the end of the period military officials will decide if they want to extend the contract. mentions how the Marine Corps is interested in technology that could autonomously detect and identify objects, such as humans on foot and in vehicles, swimmers, and boats. The service mentioned how Anduril is the only company capable of filling all of the Marine Corps’ demands autonomously.

The company has experience working on the U.S.-Mexico border, using its “virtual border wall” technology to assist in surveillance. The technology has helped agents arrest 55 people illegally crossing the border over a 10-week test period, however the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t officially commented on its overall effectiveness.