UK Purchased Bomb Disposal Robots

UK Purchased Bomb Disposal Robots

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As part of a 36 million pound contract, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense has purchased T7 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robots from L3Harris Technologies.

The T7 robotic systems are intended to be used to support domestic explosive disposal missions. Its interface is designed to be as convenient and intuitive to control for the operator. The robot is capable of human like dexterity to make operating the robot as simple as possible. The robot’s robotic arm is controlled via a remote control handgrip, giving back haptic force feedback to the human operator.

The robot’s precision control helps complete tasks in much shorter amounts of time, while the T7’s rugged track system helps provide incredible mobility on most types of terrain.

The T7 can come equipped with a variety of attachments to make it a versatile tool for many different types of missions, from dealing with hazardous materials to neutralizing explosive planted inside vehicles.

The T7 will help combat a wide variety of explosive threats in the United Kingdom. mentions that the systems will be developed in Florida, however L3Harris will establish a repair depot in Brighton, U.K.

The company has been working with U.K. customers for over 100 years, with over 21 different locations in the United Kingdom supporting a wide range of government and commercial projects.