New Submersible Stealth Drone Has 1000kg Payload

image provided by pixabay

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Kraken Technology Group and L3Harris have announced an official collaboration to advance the K40 MANTA USSV, with an expected 10 days of autonomous operations furthering its effectiveness for extended missions.

According to Interesting Engineering, the K40 MANTA is an advanced marine craft with a high-performance foiling carbon structure designed for roles of intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance. It is also equipped for electronic warfare and possesses a strike capability that enhances its utility in various maritime operations.

The USSV is engineered to operate autonomously with extended-duration loiter and sleeper modes that enable it to remain operational for prolonged periods. The MANTA has a significant payload bay capable of carrying up to 1,000 kg. The MANTA also ensures versatile deployment options by being designed for easy stowage, launch, and recovery from various vessels.

It reportedly can carry UAV loitering sensors or munitions for improved reconnaissance or strike capabilities. Its system is enhanced with EO and SIGINT capabilities, as well as seabed sensors and sonobuoys that make it a powerful asset for maritime surveillance and data gathering.

When it comes to stealth and efficiency, the MANTA features an advanced composite structure with a foiling design that reduces visibility across visual, acoustic, radar, and thermal spectrums, and even has a deployable sensor mast that enhances its surveillance capabilities without compromising its stealth profile.

The vessel comes in various sizes: the 11-meter MANTA 36, the 5.5-meter MANTA 18, and the 3.7-meter “disposable” MANTA 12. While the MANTA 36 and 18 can operate at depths of 30 meters, the MANTA 12 can only venture to depths of up to 2 meters.

Managing Director at L3Harris Mark Exeter stated that the two companies possess complementary skills, benefiting both organizations through this collaboration, and added that this venture would hopefully pave the way for broader collaboration.