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Unmanned vehicles are gradually taking over the military as they render many uses such as reconnaissance, attack, and defense. These vehicles not only have the ability to fly high in the sky but can also stay low on the terrain. Unmanned vehicles take away the risk of soldiers going out into battle for specific needs such as surveillance or attack. Thus, reducing the number of casualties substantially. Unmanned vehicles not only decrease the chance of soldiers losing their lives, but they also expedite the whole process for the military. 

The Serbian Military Technical Institute (MTI) and Special Products Factory Namenska have been developing an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) for years now called the Milos, according to The vehicle is currently undergoing trials at the Serbian Technical Test Centre and should be ready for use for the Serbian armed forces soon. 

The vehicle will be great for observing and navigating the battlefield because of the cameras on the left side of the vehicle that can be used either in the day or night. The cameras have the ability to detect people from a considerably long range. The day camera can zoom up to ×30 which gives the vehicle the ability to expose a human from 1000 meters away. The night camera, on the other hand, has a digital zoom up to ×4 which gives the vehicle the capability of spotting a person from up to 450 meters away. Both cameras prove to be very reliable, accurate, and useful for military procedure. Not only does the vehicle possess these cameras, but it also has a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 2000 meters. The Milos clearly portrays excellent use for reconnaissance and surveying the battlefield.

The Milos also demonstrates great use for attack and defense when needed. On the right side of the vehicle, there is a 7.62×54 mm M86 machine gun mounted with a box holding 500 rounds of ammunition and an RBG 40mm grenade launcher with a capacity of six shells. The vehicle also has the power to turn 360 degrees giving it the potential to take out enemies from any and every direction. The vehicle also proves it can take large amounts of damage as it can withstand hits from 7.62mm rounds.