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As technology becomes more enhanced, defense mechanisms and attack methods almost start to turn effortless. Pieces of technology are being produced to expedite missions and make soldiers feel much more protected. 

Enemies are constantly using signal emissions to communicate on the battlefield. Signal intelligence (SIGINT) specialists in the US military have discovered a way to identify and uncover these signal emissions, according to The method is through a new system called the Prophet system, which will provide the military with a unique measure of surveying the battlefield and plans to be ready for usage in 2020.     

The real technical name for this system is the AN/MLQ-44B Prophet-Enhanced SIGNIT vetronics system. Not only will this system be able to detect signal emissions, but it will also have the ability to locate and prevent them from taking action. The system’s aim is to implement radio frequency emitters across the battlefield. The frequencies will range from 20 MHz HF frequencies to 2000 MHz SHF frequencies. The system is built through electronic components that can either be transported by soldier or mounted on vehicles, making it very accessible. 

The system will also have the ability to integrate new technologies when they are eventually developed. This will be a large advantage because it will allow the system to stay modernized and develop along the way. When new technology is produced, the system will have the power to combine this new technology within itself and begin to upgrade.   

The Prophet system will mainly benefit the tactical commanders. The system will improve the commander’s visualization of the battlefield, force protection, and target development. If the commanders abilities are enhanced, then the whole military will favor from this. The prophet system will also be able to provide electronic attack and navigation attack to tactical commanders.

A major convenience that is contributed from the Prophet system will be having the capability to protect their own Global Positioning System (GPS), while also being able to disrupt and constrain the enemy’s ability to use their GPS. The system will also give the military the potential to intercept and overhear enemy radio communications. 

The Prophet system is being designed by SIGNIT professionals at General Dynamics Corporation. 

The system will cost the military $296.1 million, as there has been a contract signed between the U.S. Army Contracting Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground and the General Dynamics Mission Systems.