Morocco is Diversifying its Partners

Photo illustration US Army

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Morocco wants to develop a local military industry in order to reduce its dependence on foreign arms. After signing military technology share deals with Spain and the UK, Morocco has signed a similar dealt with Brazil. 

Morocco’s decision to foster its domestic military industry capabilities comes at a moment marked by a surge of instability in North Africa and an arms race with Algeria.

Morocco also held talks with Pakistan regarding the means of stepping up exchange of expertise and know-how.

On May 31, British trade minister Liam Fox said his country sees promising prospects to develop cooperation with Morocco in defense industry. A Moroccan source said that a joint venture was under preparation between Morocco and the UK’s Chemical Military Product (CMP), an ammunition manufacturer. 

Spanish defense minister Angel Olivares Ramirez held talks last March with Morocco’s minister delegate to defense during which the launch of joint ventures was discussed notably in fields relating to military aircrafts and ship military hardware, according to

In fact, a report issued by the Strategic Defense Intelligence (SDI) said that Morocco’s advanced military procurement will enable it to contain Algeria and become Africa’s leading army by 2022.

“The country consistently imports advanced arms and ammunitions such as fighter and training aircraft, ships, missiles, tanks, and frigates to strengthen its armed forces; a trend expected to continue over the forecast period,” reads the report.