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AI will speed passengers and visitors through checkpoints, lower operating costs, and dramatically improve security. A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform released recently will replace human screenr teams in airports. A first of its kind threat detection system for security X-ray machines, this AI software technology can automatically detect weapons, knives and other threats at airports, concert venues, schools and secure facilities.

The Syntech ONE 200 Series developed by Synapse Technology was already ordered by the Osaka Airport for multiple passenger lanes, the first airport to deploy true live AI technologies for baggage screening.

Instead of relying solely on human screeners to identify threats, the system augments and automates the detection of multiple dangerous weapons and items using state of the art artificial intelligence and computer vision.

The technology has already been widely deployed, having processed over 6,000,000 passenger bags at security checkpoints around the world. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also recently granted the company a SAFETY Act award for its technology platform.

The 200 Series represents the first broadly-available plug-and-play system that is compatible with new and existing X-ray security system, according to Customers do not have to endure costly replacements of their current x-ray technology to garner the performance benefits of this new technology.

The system is designed to increase the probability of detection of threats while speeding up throughput at security checkpoints. It leverages big data techniques to provide frequent enhancements, including additional machine capability and additional item detection.