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The US military has ordered a new fire control system that utilizes an integrated laser range finder and ballistic computer to give the gunner an aiming point corrected for range, type of munition, terrain angle, and environmental conditions.

Aimpoint, a manufacturer and innovator of red dot sighting technology, has been awarded the $24 million firm, fixed-price contract for supply of the Aimpoint FCS13-RE Fire Control System to the U.S. military. Deliveries are scheduled for 2019.

The system will be deployed as the primary Fire Control on the new M3-E1 MAAWS lightweight 84mm Carl Gustaf produced by SAAB Dynamics. The system will be fielded by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Special Operations Command.

The system is a direct view, Dynamic Universal Reflex Sight, which can also be utilized on other crew served weapons including 40 mm high velocity grenade launchers, and 12.7 mm (.50 caliber) heavy machine guns.

The system provides a very high probability of first-shot hit on both stationary and moving targets at extended ranges and utilizes a very intuitive user control interface, according to It can be enhanced with modular magnification and thermal imaging components and is compatible with all generations of military night vision equipment.

The selection of the Aimpoint FCS13-RE for use on the M3-E1 Carl Gustaf followed extensive tests and evaluations conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC).

This combination “greatly increases the lethality and survivability of troops in the field. The ability to quickly and accurately place the first shot directly on target with a high degree of certainty represents the true value of this system” said Thane Smith, Military Sales Director at Aimpoint.