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Time and resources are frequently spent on security personnel to monitor live streams as well as post-event investigations by law enforcement and analysts. Moreover, human reviewers miss 50% of objects after 20 minutes of video review. A new technology can solve this problem, by transforming visual data from any camera – including mobile sources like drones and dash cams – into actionable, tailored intelligence with proprietary deep learning algorithms.

The AI-powered video analytics solution FulcrumAI is said to be capable of continued evolution and improvement over time that works on video data from any source. The technology which is also based on computer vision was developed by Vintra, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to augment established surveillance systems.

The system powers a 20x improvement in central monitoring and video review through innovative collection, analysis, sharing and collaboration tools. This new technology of video analytics enables operators, investigators, and analysts to stop watching and start solving, whether you run a city-wide RTCC, investigations team, or an intelligence analysis unit.

The platform can be used as a tool to more accurately monitor live video feeds and produce actionable alerts, and as a tool to analyze footage in post-event investigative scenarios. It can be deployed in two ways to provide different benefits depending on the needs of the installation environment:

“On-premises” at an organization’s location, to augment human resources by transforming  live video feeds into preventative alerts, timely situational awareness and instantly searchable video forensic data;

In the Cloud, as a post-event investigation solution that enables fast, accurate and advanced video forensics at industry leading speeds, according to the company.

How does the platform work? It utilizes a proprietary deep learning system built by the company’s experts who designed their own algorithms from the ground up, and GPU-optimized their models to take advantage of the latest hardware and acceleration techniques.

According to, these models can be deployed now to augment the majority of safety and security scenarios, with future plans to empower customers to create their own analytics. The platform is sold as a subscription, with a per camera,  per month price.