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In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it had suddenly dawned on US lawmakers and maritime security stakeholders everywhere that the nation’s ports were also at great risk, with little being done in a substantial way to prevent a similar tragedy on the water. Out of those concerns came the challenge of achieving what the U.S. Coast Guard refers to as ‘Maritime Domain Awareness.’
ARES Security Corporation’s sophisticated AVERT C-2 platform integrates hundreds of disparate sensors and information sources to keep first responders aware of their immediate environment in real-time.
ARES group is redefining the way the nation’s ports, nuclear facilities and other high profile businesses approach security, define risks, and ultimately control both tasks.
The CommandBridge software solution – now called AVERT C2 – has been around for almost a decade. The solution is currently deployed in one-third of the nation’s top tier seaports but is also utilized in other critical infrastructure and public safety sites.
Over time, the system has evolved in many ways, not the least of which is that AVERT C2 is an entirely new version of the software. The primary evolutions of the software have been focused on regional sharing capabilities and mobile support for operators outside the command center. For collaboration, AVERT C2 now has the ability for organizations to create sharing policies that model MOUs they currently have in place to share information. For example, the sharing of blue force positions to specific partners only during multi-agency events can be easily configured to automatically shut off at the completion of the event. Additionally, by building mobile first user interfaces, field personnel using mobile devices have the same software as operators using PCs in the command center, as reported by
ARES Security recently participated in a ‘DHS Next Generation First Responder Exercise’ to Evaluate New Technologies. ARES and the DHS and other technology innovators collaborated to integrate and evaluate advanced first responder technologies. Using their situational awareness platform AVERT C2, ARES Security integrated over 100 disparate sensors that included biometric, location, HAZMAT, and environmental data streams.
During the exercise in December 2018, AVERT C2 served as the focal point to aggregate, distribute, process and manage information from the first responder’s sensors to improve their safety, response times, and effectiveness.
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