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A new battlefield solution to safely and accurately launch 40mm grenades from a light UAV was developed. The 40mm drone-mounted multishot grenade launcher (MGL) provides small tactical teams with the ability to accurately engage out-of-sight targets.
UAE-based International Golden Group (IGG), in conjunction with the South African defense company Rippel Effect Systems, developed and manufactured the DLP3 and DLP6 drone launcher platform, with three and six fixed barrels respectively.
Each of the removable barrels has one round of 40x46mm low velocity or less-lethal ammunition and can be fired individually, in sequence or together, according to
“This configuration is a sensible adaptation from Rippel’s proven and successful flagship 40mm handheld launcher, designed for a specifically identified tactical requirement,” IGG deputy executive officer Khalifa Al Balooshi explained. “Mounted vertically underneath the drone, and fitted with an electronic trigger mechanism, the DLP3 or DLP6 enables the device to be fired with ease, accurately and safely, with maximum effect on the target. The DLP3 or DLP6 can be mounted on various drone platforms.”
This is hardly the first attempt to arm smaller drones. The Velvet Wasp, for example, developed by SRUAV, is a specially designed missile-toting octocopter marketed to special forces, reports. Vaguely in the same category is the Belarusian drone design that essentially puts rotors on an existing rocket launcher.
The Ukrainian company Matrix UAV developed a small drone called the Demon that can carry guns, explosives, or a rocket-propelled grenade for use against armored vehicles, fire points, air defense equipment, and enemy headquarters at a distance of up to 10 kilometers, as reported by